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Using a card based gaming system can enhance your gamin experience. IT'S SO EASY!

At Moreton Bay Sports Club you will be issued a membership card for us at the gaming machines. This is the same card we use for our player loyalty system. By using the MYCASH card you are able to move between gaming machines without having to cash out or wait for an attendant to issue you a payout voucher.


Your card will only work at Moreton Bay Sports Club. There is no value stored on this card. Instead, this card is linked to an account, just like an EFTPOS card. After insterting your membership card in a machine an amount will be transferred from the account to the machine. You do not have to play all these credits.

You can remove your card at anytime during your play and any credits on the machine will be added back to your account. To add more credit to your account visit the cashier station, CRT or simply insert notes into the machine while your card is inserted.

Visit the Player Kiosk located at front reception for more gaming information regarding security of your funds and the ability to change your player preferences and limits.

If you need any assistance press the SERVICE button on the loyalty unit and an attendant will be with your shortly.

MYCASH offers you the opportunity to set limits on your Gaming Play. Choose as many or as few limits as you like.
CASH TRANSFER TO MACHINE - Set how much money will be sent to the machine from your account each time you insert the card.
DAILY SPEND LIMIT - After reaching a nominated dollar amount your card will no longer transfer credit to the machine.
TIME LIMIT - This feature can send a reminder to the loyalty unit and the screen of the machine during play to remind you how long you have been playing (15minutes to 24 hours). Once the time limit has been reached your card will no longer transfer credit.

Limits and Preferences can be changed as often as you like via the Player Prferences menu on the Kiosk, Loyalty Unit or by visiting the Cashier Satation. You can not change minits on any day a limit has been reached.

Recent Play and Transaction statements are available to you via the Player Kiosk. For a detailed account of your gaming play contact the Cashier Station.

There are 2 types of accounts available to cater for your individual requirements. Each account will allow deposits and withdrawals at the cashier station and CRT (Cash Redemption Terminal)
VISITOR - This card is valid for 365 days and when presented after the day of issue will need validation at the Player Kiosk before playing a machine. The Maximum Account Balance on a Visitor Card is $5,000.
STANDARD - This card and account are active for as long as the membership at Moreton Bay Sports Club exisits. The maximum account balance is $10,000

Withdrawals can be made from the account at any time from the Cashier Station or Cash Redemtion Terminal (if available)

Deposits can be made on the Account at any time at teh Cashier Station or via the Note Acceptor on any gaming machine or Cash Redemption Terminal (If Available). All player's accounts are limited to $2,000 worth of cash deposits in every 30 days.

Setting a PIN (4 digit number) provides secuirty over the funds in your account. After being set, teh PIN is required to be entered when:

  • Validating a card for play
  • Depositing Funds
  • Withdrawing Funds
  • Changing Limits

A PIN is also required when using the player kiosk to view account balances, view player statements or to change limits.

Further increase the secuirty of the funds on your account by locking the account if the card is not used for a period of time e.g. 5minutes. After being locked, teh card requires validation by insertion into the player Kiosk or Loyalty Unit and enetering the correct PIN.

If you account has no activity (game play, deposits of withdrawals) for a period of 12 months it will be closed. Funds associated with the account will be sent to the address recorded in the Venues Loyalty database. Funds from closed accounts will be sent by way of cheque from the system providor, Maxgaming. Visitor account holder details are not recorded in the system and as such funds for inactive visitor accounts will be forwarded to the OLGR for their distribution.

The MYCASH card is the same card used for Loyalty or Rewards Points at Moreton Bay Sports Club. MYCASH Visitor Cards are unable to accrue loyalty points.


For more information or terms and conditions visit maxgaming.com.au or phone Moreton Bay Sports Club on 3390 6877 or ask one of our friendly staff next time your in.

Responsible Service Of Gambling

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