Jared Alexander
  Friday   Saturday
  5th - Jared Alexander   5th Russel Sprout
  12th - Arthur Bristowe    13th Gemini Duo
  19th - John Kerr   20th Kylie Hogan
  26th - AUSTRALIA DAY   27th Tracey Vaughan
  Jared Alexander 11am    
  Kylie Hogan Duo 7pm    
  Friday   Saturday
   2nd  - Marco   3rd - Maihi Pinker
  9th - Jared Alexander   10th - Waitangi Day
               Sex & Chocolate
  16th - Russel Sprout   17th - Gemini Duo
  23rd - Wally & The Gators   24th - Kylie Hogan
  Friday   Saturday 
  2nd - Arthur Bristowe   3rd - Maihi Pinker
  9th - Jared Alexander   10th - Kylie Hogan
  16th -   17th - Gemini Duo
  23rd - Tracy Vaughan   24th - Brown Suga Duo
  30th - GOOD FRIDAY   31st - Encore Duo
           CLUB CLOSED    
  Friday   Saturday
  6th - Maihi Pinker   7th -
  13th - Absolutley Suave   14th - John Kerr
  20th -   21st - Kylie Hogan
  27th - Marco   28th - Gemini Duo











































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Special Shows see Events page.
For all entertainment related queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 3390 6877.

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